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Introducing our groundbreaking innovation—compact, powerful, limitless. Discover innovation, boost productivity, redefine potentialities. Explore efficiency redefined with every click, tap, and swipe.

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We provide clients with a professional, personal and confidential service to help them reduce the risk of employing the wrong people. Screening is always carried out and completed to our clients’ exact specifications.


In today's dynamic business landscape, it is crucial to ensure that your organization partners with reliable vendors and associates. However, identifying trustworthy business partners can be a challenging task.

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Koyox is an artificial intelligence platform, which is an ally for those companies that have databases and large amounts of information, and require automated assistance to facilitate recruitment work, and all the tasks that are related to this area, such as the reception and scrutiny of resumes.

Connect with DIGITYS for transformative partnership. The future is digital—let's lead the way together.

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