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Koyox is an artificial intelligence platform, which is an ally for those companies that have databases and large amounts of information, and require automated assistance to facilitate recruitment work, and all the tasks that are related to this area, such as the reception and scrutiny of resumes.

Upgrade Your Talent Acquisition with AI-Powered Solutions!

KoyoX play a crucial role in the recruiting process by automating tasks, improving efficiency and providing deeper insights. These are some ways in which KoyoX helps in the personnel recruitment process: Selection of CVs, Analysis of Profiles in Social Networks, Virtual Interviews, Evaluation of Competencies, Analysis of Sentiments, Recommendations of Candidates, Diversity and Inclusion, Monitoring and Analysis of Recruitment Performance.

Effortless Shortlisting:-

Swiftly identify top talents that align with your company's needs.

Automated Questioning:-

Engages candidates with pre-set queries, streamlining your initial assessments.

Resume Scrutiny:-

Koyox intelligently analyzes resumes, saving you hours of manual screening.


Why KoyoX ?


Boost Productivity

Free up time for strategic decision-making by automating routine tasks.


Precision Recruitment

Identify the best fit for your team with KoyoX's insightful analysis.


Seamless Integration

KoyoX easily integrates into your existing systems for a hassle-free experience.


Natural Language Processing

Customizable Job Criteria

Integrated Communication

AI-Powered Candidate Screening

Automated Candidate Ranking

Data Analytics Dashboard

Blending Human Insight With Cutting-Edge AI Technology For Next-Generation Support.

Expertise and Experience

Customized Approach

Comprehensive Services

Proven Track Record

Why Digitys?

Connect with DIGITYS for transformative partnership. The future is digital—let's lead the way together.

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